Different Ways to Matcha

You are What you Eat

Oftentimes, we see the colour green and we think ‘healthy’ and ‘detox’. At the same time we also think ‘tasteless’, ‘vegetable only’ and ‘diet’.

We try our best to make healthy food enjoyable with spoons full of sugar or salt but that just defeat its purpose. One thing that looks green and does really taste good on its own is matcha. Matcha is a powerhouse of many health benefits. Perhaps its green outlook make you reach quickly for a spoonful of sugar ("hopefully" to make the "medicine" go down) but, pause that thought!

We'll let you in on a few secret ways to consume matcha. Lean, mean and green style.

Bare to the Bone

Matcha drinking, is a sensory experience - calming green for your eyes, fresh notes of nature for your nose, a smooth maltiness and sweetness for your tongue, and the sound of your own slurping, what better way to start your morning?

Matcha of the highest quality (Ceremonial Matcha) is best enjoyed with hot water with no sugar, but an ice cube or two wouldn’t hurt for those scorching hot days. Enjoy the umami flavour that either picks you up when you’re sluggish or calms you when you’re anxious. Drink it in the morning for a good pick-me-up, before a gym session for a boost of energy, or later in the day for a calming night.

Mix & Match-a!

If you are new to matcha, don't be intimidated, baby steps, just add milk 😉, pun intended. However, do keep in mind that a little goes a long way. Adding too much and you will be taking away its taste. Just a pinch of sugar/ sweetener, VOILA! the perfect matcha latte.

If milk isn’t your thing, get adventurous and mix it up by juicing it with mango or watermelon. Make it into lemonade or shake it into a mojito! Have a fun session of matcha mixology in your own kitchen to find what suits you best.

Cheat Meal but Not Really

You’ve seen in cakes, souffle, bingsu, ice-cream so why not try it in foods that aren’t just made for dessert? Your Morning bowl of oats or granola and yoghurt could use a little matcha too. You can also some matcha into your curry or season your stir-fry vegetables with for a herbaceous hint.

Feeling snack-y? Add a little bit of matcha powder. Your tongue wouldn’t be able to tell the difference but your body will appreciate the boost and the antioxidants. You’ll still be able to enjoy your favourite delectable snacks with more nutrients this time.

Hell’s Green Kitchen

With so many simple ways to incorporate matcha into your drinks and food, you’re probably wondering why you haven’t done so earlier. The sky's the limit! Put on your chef’s hat and apron, then channel your inner Gordon Ramsay and get busy in the kitchen.

Better yet, allow us to do it for you! Head on over to Oh Cha Matcha and we will open your eyes to the many possibilities of matcha, your first thoughts will be “Eh, like that also can ah?!”.

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