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Different Ways to Matcha

You are What you EatOftentimes, we see the colour green and we think ‘healthy’ and ‘detox’. At the same time we also think ‘tasteless’, ‘vegetable only’ and ‘diet’. We try our best to make healthy food enjoyable with spoons full of sugar or salt but that just defeat its purpose. One thing that looks green and does really taste good on its own is matcha. Matcha is a powerhouse of many health benefits. Perhaps its green outlook make you reach quickly for a spoonful of sugar ("hopefully" to make the "medicine" go down) but, pause that thought!We'll let you in on a few secret ways to consume matcha. Lean, mean and green style.Bare to the Bone Matcha drinking, is a sensory...

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What's with Matcha?

What’s So Great About Matcha? Left, right, front centre – wherever you look, you’ll see matcha-flavoured everything! From ice-cream, bubble tea, soufflé, Shibuya toast, it seems as though the world is completely obsessed with matcha. Who could blame anyone? Aromatic like you’ve woken up in a tea farm, intense like your first love, a sweet after-taste to set you in a merry mood; this special tea comes with a myriad of benefits too. A Matcha A Day Keeps the Doctor Away Antioxidants - a buzz word you see everywhere when it comes to nutrition and health, and matcha is power-packed with them! Antioxidants are what you hunt for when you want to stay looking like the model-material you already are because...

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