What's with Matcha?

What’s So Great About Matcha?

Left, right, front centre – wherever you look, you’ll see matcha-flavoured everything! From ice-cream, bubble tea, soufflé, Shibuya toast, it seems as though the world is completely obsessed with matcha.

Who could blame anyone? Aromatic like you’ve woken up in a tea farm, intense like your first love, a sweet after-taste to set you in a merry mood; this special tea comes with a myriad of benefits too.

A Matcha A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Antioxidants - a buzz word you see everywhere when it comes to nutrition and health, and matcha is power-packed with them!

Antioxidants are what you hunt for when you want to stay looking like the model-material you already are because of its anti-ageing properties. What’s more is that antioxidants may help fight off chronic diseases and infections.

So, remember your daily dose of matcha for that youthfulness and strong body! 

BURN, baby, BURN! 

If your #2020goals are all about losing weight, then consider matcha a staple in your diet!

With it already being almost calorie-free, matcha has natural thermogenic properties that boost metabolism and promotes fat burn. Now I got your attention! It tastes great with almost anything and it may help with weight loss – that’s what we call a double win!

Start your mornings with a cup of matcha and you’ll be energized to pull through the day even with the most mundane of commutes.


No More Bullsh*t 

As the old adage goes - love your greens!

There is no doubt that natural greens help your body detoxify. Every day, we consume and even breathe in many chemicals that may be detrimental to our health in the long run as a result of our ever-evolving yet pollution-filled world. Chlorophyll found in matcha helps rid the body of these harmful toxins.


Bonus Point!

Matcha is also rich in many other vitamins and minerals that are essential to a healthy body. End your day with a soothing cup of warm matcha and you’ll be guaranteed to detoxify from the nonsense of life too!

You’d be sitting here for hours on end if we had to list down every single benefit matcha has to offer. But then again, things are often best enjoyed as experiences instead of words, so allow us tickle your fancy with our wide array of irresistible matcha beverages.

Come on down to Oh Cha Matcha (opening on March 16th, 2020) and be ready for your matcha fix!



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