7 Days Matcha Sirtfood Detox

This detox was designed based on the book
The Sirtfood Diet by nutrition experts Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten

What are Sirtfoods?

Sirtfoods contain a group of nutrients, found in plants,
which provide the benefits of fasting without its shortcomings.

This is not another diet or a slimming program. These Sirtuins-activating foods will actually retain your body's muscle mass; making you look toned while losing weight.

Top 20 Sirtfoods

- buckwheat
- capers
- celery
- cocoa
- coffee

- extra virgin olive oil
- green tea
(especially matcha)
- kale
- lovage
- medjool dates

- parsley
- red chicory
- red onion
- red wine
- rocket

- soy
- strawberries
- turmeric
- walnuts
- bird's eye chilli


Enjoy the detox cleanse. All your meals and drinks are taken care of.
You no longer need to spend a single cent on food/ groceries for the week.

Terms & Conditions apply

How does this
detox cleanse work?

For 7 days, you are recommended to eat and drink only
the food and juice provided in this program.

First 3 Days

3 x Sirtfood Juice daily
1 x Main Meal daily
Snack: 20g Dark Chocolate daily

Last 4 Days

2 x Sirtfood Juice daily
2 x Main Meal daily

Top Celebrities & Athletes Use Sirtfood To Stay On Top Of Their Game


Pippa Middleton
(Author, sister of Duchess of Cambridge)

Lorraine Pascale
(BBC TV Chef and Food Writer)

Sir Ben Ainslie
(Four-time Olympic Gold Medalist)

Conor McGregor
(UFC Champion)

David Haye
(Professional Boxer)

Anthony Ogogo
(Professional Wrestler)

James Haskell
(International England Rugby Star)

As Seen On Doctor Oz Show

As Seen On Tasty - the world's largest food network

As Seen On Today Extra Australia

Author of The Sirtfood Diet & Nutrition Expert

love yourself
love your body

Imagine the glow that comes from within a week from today.

You only need 7 days to be a more confident, happier and sexier you.

We'll do all the prep work and deliver right to your door step. Your job is only to eat!




For a price cheaper than a meal of Japanese Omakase.
You get a healthier, recharged, renewed body in just 7 days

our customers in malaysia who started our matcha sirtfood detox

This is insane!! I lost 4.4kg in 7 days just by eating Sirtfood! My fat percentage dropped and muscle mass increased at the same time! I love how it takes off my time from groceries and cooking, which I do not have the time for after a hectic day at work. My 7 days worth of meals are delivered to my house every few days so it's fresh. I'd definitely do it again! Now my whole family is influenced by me and we are drinking Sirtfood juice every single day!

customer image

Finance Manager, Kuala Lumpur

I'm kinda addicted to the juice! Actually I like the juice very much. I'm restraining myself from drinking fast! I also slept super duper well and woke up feeling fresh. I was on my period while on this program, what surprised me was my acne cleared up! It usually requires application of many skin care products. But in just few days on this program my face is glowing! I can totally do for another week!

customer image

Accountant, Kuala Lumpur

I lost 4.8kg in 7 days. The food and drinks are really delicious, well prepared and easy to reheat. Most importantly to me, the food is amazing quality, portion is good and drinks are very nutrient dense. Very value for money. For 7 days, I did not meet anyone. A week later I lost 5kg, my family and friends were shocked to see that my stomach is flatter, visibly slimmer and face sharper. This is priceless, I am back! Unbelievable what I can achieve in just 7 days! This is life changing. I'd recommend anyone to try this!

customer image

Realtor, Kuala Lumpur

Result from Jonathan after only 7 days on the program

Jonathan lost 4.4kg in weight, lost body fat, BMI and INCREASE in muscle mass.
We wish you will achieve this result as well.

Result from Cindy after only 7 days on the program

Cindy's weight dropped, lost body fats, gained muscle mass, feel sharper and alert!


All information below is in reference to: Goggins, Aidan, and Glen Mattten. The Sirt Food Diet, 2016.

The program has helped reset my body in just a week’s time! I’ve noticed not just loss in weight, but my underbelly has also cut by an inch and a half even in just four days going into the journey. I’ve become more alert as the day goes and more energetic without feeling hungry or fatigued in the middle of the day during work. Oh Cha Matcha’s team has been great in assisting the group with queries and guidance. Thank you Oh Cha Matcha for the wonderful journey!

customer image

Entrepreneur, Kuala Lumpur

I've tried many diets and most of the time I failed on Day 2. I don't feel I have lost my focus and continued to work. I slept really well too. The most amazing thing is I love the juice, it is as if something magical has been put into the juice that makes me so alert and energetic. I also love the veges and I don't get bored from eating it. I am also able to workout continuously everyday for the 7 days! After completed this program, I felt this is not a weightloss program. It is more of a program where you reset your body to build new habits of eating the right food.

customer image

Sales Director, Kuala Lumpur

I've done all sorts of diets and things to help me lose weight in the past. To be honest, this Oh Cha Matcha Sirtfood Detox is really a luxury. It's really a diet of inclusion and not exclusion. We had the luxury of eating pasta, soba noodles, salmon, chicken, fish and all sorts of premium whole foods where other diets exclude. I can even snack on dark chocolate! I feel good throughout and even managed to join 2 spin classes in a day! I achieved my target of losing 2kgs in only 7 days! I'd do this again!

customer image

Entrepreneur, Selangor

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For only RM1190 RM997
Here's what you'll get:

Free Delivery

7 days worth of Sirtfood meals and juices delivered right to your door step in Klang Valley for FREE 3 times in 7 days (min. surcharge applies for  beyond 20km from TTDI store).

Support Local Farmer

All our vegetables are sourced locally. Besides nourishing your body, you are also supporting local farmers and local businesses.


All your meals are cooked for you. Meals are vacuum-packed, you only need to reheat and eat. No need for groceries, no need to plan your meals, no more cooking and washing.

Complimentary Journal

Journal this life-changing, transformative journey where you reinvent yourself and make head turns


We're all about self-love and self-care. Put your mind and body to the ultimate relaxation by playing our specially curated Spotify playlist as you perform your new daily ritual of self-care

The Sirtfood Diet Book

Knowledge is power. Read for yourself the secrets to anti-aging and longevity with this original copy of The Sirtfood Diet book by Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten

Money Back Guaranteed

In the unlikely event where you did not experience weight drop at all. We will offer a Full Refund. T&C applies.

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Terms & Conditions

We are confident that you will see result as early as the second day, and after this program.

However, if for any reason your weight did not drop at all, we are happy to offer a full refund provided it satisfies the below criteria:

Money Back Guaranteed
- Do ensure that you have followed all the steps in the guidebook provided.
- Do ensure you have finished your meal by 7pm and begin your first meal or juice at 11am each day.
- Did not consume other food, snacks or drinks besides what is provided to you.
- Provide us with photo of your weight on your first day and every day after (show the weighing scale reading).

We want you to experience and reap the full benefits of this program and highly encourage you to follow the steps in the guidebook provided to you.