30g Ceremonial Matcha

30g Ceremonial Matcha

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30g Ceremonial Matcha

Ceremonial matcha🍵 is the highest grade of all matcha, the kind used by the Emperor of Japan for tea ceremonies. It is high in umami (savoury/ seaweed taste) and sweetness (low in bitterness).

It's worth the money because it's specially grown and harvested once a year only. The youngest and freshest leaves are hand picked, steamed, dried, stone ground into powder form; then straight to you! 😊🌿🌿

Serve it with water and do not serve with milk for best Umami experience!💃🏻

- Imported directly from the holy land of matcha - Uji, Kyoto in Japan and now to you
- Store matcha in an air-tight container
- Keep chilled and in dark, cool place for maximum freshness
(preferably in the chiller/ fridge)

More info here: instagram.com/OhChaMatcha.KL