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Hojicha Powder / Roasted Green Tea Powder

Our Hojicha powder is suitable for Hojicha latte/ baking/dessert needs.

Source: Uji, Kyoto in Japan and now to you
- Store hojicha in an air-tight container/ zip lock bag
- Keep chilled and in dark, cool place for maximum freshness (preferably in the chiller/ fridge)

Hojjicha Latte Recipe
1. 3-4g hojicha
2. Whisk with 20ml water or milk
3. Whisk vigorously in M or W motion with a Chasen Bamboo Whisk
4. Pour 120ml milk of choice & approx 15ml sugar/ sweetener of choice over a glass of ice
5. Pour hojicha on top of milk and enjoy!

Keto-friendly ✔
Vegan-friendly  ✔
Diabetic-friendly ✔
Dairy-free ✔
Sugar-free ✔